Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MG Road jaana hai

MG Road jaana hai..
pat comes the reply 150 Rs. Madam. I know most of you have faced this when it comes to the Richshaw drivers out here.
One thing that I fail to understand is where do these guys actually want to go?At times they tell me the place that I wish to go is too near and at times that its sooooo very far. To this my friend had a ready reply 'Ab aap hi bataiye hum kaha jaye'
Ok forget the distance, when it comes to the fare, they expect you to pay the return fare as well. Excuse me..Will you pay me back if you get a passenger on your way back...yes this is what another of my friend had to say.
How could I skip this idea to ask for that extra 20 Rs., Madam luggage fare.Would he need extra fuel to run the vehicle if I carry luggage.
They happily display the notice "Inform the nearest police station if the rickshaw driver asks for extra fare" but who cares. But am sure this is a result of you and me having spoilt them. In case of emergency we tend to give in to these demands. I will not blame you, as I have myself done the same.
What could be the way out? Better transport facilities?? Metro is a distant dream but we can hope that it may make our lives better. How about the busses then? I wish the display were more legible and the frequency slightly better.
If you have a suggestion to this, you are more than welcome.

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  1. OMEGOSH!! I liked ur blog! Esp this entry..I completely agree with u and we've gone thru the SAME horrid experiences!! And esp if one is from Mumbai like me(i guess even u are from Mumbai) it's even more horrifying at the haughtiness of the auto wallas. Have had zillion of arguments till date with them..but these days I kinda succumb and am just glad when thy ask for only 10 bucks extra and drop me home safely...
    And yes, like u say thr hav been times whn we actualy asked them, "Kahan jaaoge bhaiyya, humein chhod do raaste mein!" :-D U inspire me to write on this topic..