Friday, March 14, 2008


I only wish my phobia list were shorter...all my phobias come alive when I am alone at home.My roomie was off on a 2 week vacation and all my fears joined me. I just did some googling to find out what this phobia is called, its auto phobia.
Autos meaning self, does that imply I am afraid of my very own existence. Gosh!Life is a bit complex.
To begin with, I enter home and see that the shoe rack is not at its place. C'mon Prasi, you would have tripped over it, on your way out. Right, then what is all the saw dust at the door about. Did I file the door as well.
The detective within me takes full form. I go ballistic in my search for the alien in my house. I check the rooms, kitchen, balcony, behind the doors, under the cot...not to spare the wardrobe and the loo. No sign of human existence other than mine(well I insist on being a social animal)
Fear factor is soaring... I gather my guts and hope that its not a ghost appearance.Must say perfect timing, as my cell phone rings. No special effects, I do not see 'Ghost' Calling(night@call centre ishtyle). Its my roomie. She calls up to say that our Flat owner wanted to fix the peep hole, and had taken the spare key from our friend upstairs.
What a boring end. I was expecting all the spice of a detective novel, and what I get is not even a candy!

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  1. hey prasi... nice hilarious post :)

    sorry for the late comment... but i couldn't stop LOLing at the reaction you would have had after your roomie called you :P

    i'm going to tag your blog id on my blog roll... do check it out sometime...

    lemme read the other posts now... keep writing!