Thursday, November 15, 2012

Masinagudi -2012

Jeev's parents were visiting us for Diwali and we were looking for a place nearby for a one day outing. Coorg was our first choice, but unfortunately the room bookings did not work out and a week before the actual plan we were left with no place to go.

That is when I recalled the place suggested by my friend Lakshmi, Forest hills resort, Masinagudi. In the matter of hours the plan was finalised, rooms booked and we started off. My iPhone was still new and the craze of using google maps was in full swing. To our surprise not once did we miss a single lane, till we reached this jungle resort. Hail Google Maps!!!

We reached there on the day before Diwali [those were the only days when rooms were available]. To top it being festival days it was like having the resort to ourselves. We stayed on the twin tree houses. It was truly a jungle experience.

After lunch and a small photo session, we decided to take a tour of the Mudumalai Forest. Not much of animal sighting, all we could spot were a few deers, bisons, peacock, elephants and langurs. Back in the resort, Jeev and I played badminton for a while, had some tea and snacks and then we thought of just relaxing in the room while dinner gets ready.

The rooms are a bit spread out and a little 5 minute walk from the reception area. We did not imagine that the walk would be in pitch dark. All we had was one of the house keepers guiding us with his torch. And his stories would just not end. This place being right outside the Mudumalai Forest Range has occasional visitors as wild elephants, beers and lesser harmful ones like deers are often seen right next to the fence. He would suddenly flash his light into the dark and show us a pair of radium lights staring back at us and say, you see the deers often come here. I could barely make out if it was deer or someone from the feline family trying to check out on its prey. The 5 minute walk looked like eternity.

Once we reached the room, we convinced the housekeeper to serve food in the room. Another 10 minutes in the darkness was close to unimaginable for all of us then. Well our tree house had its own share of adventures to offer us. We had left some biscuits in the room, which were now close to the door and been nibbled upon too. We had some more jungle rodents visiting us, another call to the housekeeper and he rushed back with a rat trap. And in between all this a baby bat also flew right into the room. Well we had signed up for a jungle experience and here it was absolute silence apart from the sound of crickets and a rhythmic drum beat supposedly from a far off temple where Diwali celebrations were on.

The creaky tree house was truly fun. We slept peacefully not knowing that a tusker had decided to pay us visit in the middle of the night. We saw the aftermath the next morning. Couple of branches were victims to its hunger and a stronger smelling evidence was right next to it ;)

The next day we spent our time in the resort until lunch time, and then started our journey back.

In spite of all the jungle drama and a little worry that Jeev's parents may not be enjoying the rustic feel, we all had a great time. The very feeling of breathing fresh air leaves you with energy enough to sustain you until the next trip :)

I would strongly recommend this trip to all our nature loving friends.

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