Monday, September 14, 2015

Distract - the one success mantra to soothe a tantrum throwing toddler

I have argued with my mom multiple times on this topic both when my niece was a toddler and as Avani started throwing her first tantrums. But today I confess, DISTRACT is one success mantra that works almost always fits like a glove to any tantrum problem.

I realize I have become apt at making stories impromptu, from the time Avani comprehends what I am trying to say. So at times when it is tantrum time, you just point to thin air and weave a new story. "...Aah see the spider there. Now where is it trying to go. Is it Incy Wincy Spider?", "Hey look who is coming to meet us? I heard someone ring the bell. Hold on, Avani will quickly dress up and answer the door.",  ..blah blah blah. With time your acting skills may take your spouse by surprise and he too might start looking around for spiders and hearing phantom door bells.

Move them out of the sight of tantrum. Yes it works, out of sight is mostly out of mind. Unless your toddler is in an exceptional mood. Then apply formula 1, after moving away. I read somewhere that being it terrible twos or a sulking teenager this problem will continue to be worked upon for quite some time for parents. But lifting a toddler out of the scene is much easier than moving a teenager for instance, and this should pacify us toddler mommies for now ;)

When it is one of the sheer screaming rounds, try whispering to them for distraction. They stop their act in a jiffy and try to concentrate on what you are saying. You better have an interesting story to tell. And mind you, use this sparingly else this spell tends to lose its charm.

Well there are times when I am just worn out and as they say once the water rises above ones such times I break into a sudden song and dance sequence. Well I reserve this for times when we have no audience lest I scare them away :D. I do all kinds of crazy emu dance, till she giggles and gives in.

I wish I had these in place when during a transit at France airport. It was just Avani and me travelling. I had a face a full 1 hour of nothing but non-stop crying and screaming all coz I did not let her press the lift button. Sigh!

How much ever prepared you may be to face this, there will be times when you just vent out. I do it often, and am trying hard to reduce the frequency till I get over it completely. Find another mechanism for venting out, may-be a quick break, a vent-out-diary to scribble the cause, count to 10, deep breath, whatever suits you. The quick-break technique seems to be helping me, even as short as 10 minutes, just doing what I love - blog :)

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