Monday, November 16, 2015

Few tricks to get your toddler to sit in the buggy!

I would be envious of you if your little one sits quietly in the buggy, sleeps well and makes no fuss on the road. This was exactly opposite in our case. My daughter hated sitting in the pram when she was 6 months old and was the same until she was about 20 months old. Every time we had to go out it was the same story, a cry act, shouting show down, squirming out of it...well I had almost given up.

I tried quite a few things, to make the buggy more comfortable for her. Tried a cushion, this worked for exactly 2 outings. Thought the seat may not be so comfortable, added a linking of soft towel on top, again worked exactly for 4 outings. A toy to hold on to ,I started with the little toy dogs and ducks the washable kinds which were easier for me to clean up if they end up on the road. She liked this idea at first, but in a matter of a week or so found throwing them on the road more entertaining. This was more troublesome for me. By the time I would pick the toy, she would have managed to remove her shoes and done the same. There have been countless incidents of sweet passer-by's on the roads and super-markets coming behind me holding her toy or shoe...

Then came a eureka moment when I saw a toddler with a neck pillow happily dozing in his pram. Brought one on my next outing, she liked this one better. It would hold her neck in place as she slept, and I could easily adjust the buggy to the sleep position without waking her up and triggering the tantrum alarm. She soon figured out the air valve and started opening it, that is when I came up with a counter idea to have a cover done for the neck pillow :). So this is one trick up my sleeve now that continues to work.

Second was to let her take a favorite doll on the buggy, something that looked more like a person to her. So Mickey, Candy and Pippi have become regulars on our outings now. With the onset of winter she had a genuine concern about them not wearing skullcaps like her, I had to fix this too by making skullcaps for them:). But she somehow feels more secure or cuddly when these toys sit in the buggy with her.

Another trick good to wear up your sleeve is to have some food handy. Be it an easy to eat fruit like banana or a piece of cake, this could distract your little one for a good 15-20 minutes, while you do your quick round of weekly grocery shopping.

The last was the most powerful one that I had to use as a last resort. There were about 2-3 times when she tried the showdown about the buggy, and I just had to bring her back home to give her the strong message that I cannot take her out on my own till she sits in the buggy. This may sound super cruel for a parent to do, but to be honest I have no choice. She refuses to hold my hand, and managing her on the pavement next to a very busy road is next to impossible. And once inside the supermarket, she loves to pull everything, this would mean a whole lot of trouble again. This has helped her understand(or so is my hope :)) that she is allowed to move around, run and play in the park, or in open spaces where it is safe.

As of now the buggy crisis seems to be under control. But once I get her off it, it continues to be a challenge to get her back in on the way back home. Do you have tips for this. Please share. I am really looking forward for advice on this.

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