Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A special bond :)

As I was getting ready to come over to Italy for close to a year, to join Rajeev on his business trip my biggest concern was the much needed social support especially with our little Avani. In a non-English speaking place, with very few Indians my hopes were at minimum. The day before I boarded the flight Jeev told me about his colleague's family who were already there and had called us over for dinner the day we reach.

We met them at their place for dinner, husband wife and a young daughter . I was completely drained of energy after the long flight, but their hospitality made me feel perfectly at home. It was as if I knew them for ages and we chit-chatted in a very casual way. I could see that Avani too was very happy to have met them. That was a small beginning to a very special bond :)

Samta di went out of her way to be of help. She passed on her number the very next day and also came over to meet in a couple of days. I still remember what she told me that day..."Agar Avani zyada pareshaan kare, aur tumhe khaana pakane na de, toh ghar aa jaana, hum sab milke khaana khayenge" (If Avani's troubles you a lot and you don't get to cook lunch, do not worry, just join us, we can all eat together). This assurance was enough for me to know how genuine a person she is. Avani reminded her of Shreya as a kid in many ways, and she could empathize with me. Not stopping at that she has helped me in a lot of ways. Her cooking is par excellence and I have loved learning from her as well. Thank you Samta di, from the bottom of my heart :)

Shreya their daughter became Avani's favourite right from day one.. She has a magic spell on Avani, and Avani gazes at her with a fan-like admiration. In Shreya I have seen such maturity, humility and respect, very rare for her generation and age group. I have observed her as a guest at their place, as a host, while travelling together - I adore her for her values. Kudos to Sunil bhaiyya and Samta di on the upbringing they have given Shreya, Jeev and I have a lot to learn from the two of you. And little Avani has chosen a right Icon already is all I can say :)

It was about a month that I enjoyed their company, and it was time for them to leave for India. I had tears in my eyes when I bid them Good-Bye! I was going to miss everything about them both; their company, my chit-chat with Samta di ranging from parenting to cooking and with Shreya from bollywood, to fashion to her future plans. Most of all, my social support was gone. I had missed my parents (who were my rock support system back at home with Avani) a little less after coming over thanks to Samta di and Shreya.

We knew the bond was special and yes it continues to be. Thanks to the likes of WhatsApp and Skype we continue our chit chat across miles and international borders. I really wish we could spend more time together.

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