Monday, June 06, 2005


As Bertrand Russel quotes,
"The most savage controversies are about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way".
do the every day controversies often need a reason to start off.

A trivial question to begin with could be what is the cause of conflicts? The reasons could vary from difference in opinion, a demand not fulfilled, a right not granted, want of money,power or possesion...and the list seems to be perpetual. Though the reasons can be expressed in n different ways using vocabulary skills, the base of all remains the consideration of self to
be more important or extra special.

If each one of us were to care about others the same as we do for ourselves and for our dear ones, the world would be a better place to live in. In such a scenario there would be no question of demand, as you "demand" when in power or when in need. The love and care for fellow humans comes with the bonus of equality. With equal opportunities, rights cannot be curbed.

Equality and difference form opposite poles, thus a difference in opinion could be phased out. Moreover when does an individual crave for money or power?When he has none or when he needs more of any of these to improvise his present or secure his future. When you care for your brethren, the care is like a boomerang, which does come back to you.

Such a philosophy looks ideal in theory. Can we try to make it a reality? Why not?

Every leap begins with a small step. Lets try to practice this at our personal levels. No this does not imply, one tolerates injustice or wrong behaviour just to avoid conflicts. The crux is to handle the situation effectively. Mere argument to win over the opponent, hardly reaps favourables results.

There comes the art of patience and perseverance. Placid talks can replace conflicts and usher in peace and harmony.

I do not aim to start any controversy, by airing my views on this.

Opinions regarding the write-up are always welcome.


  1. Hardly anything that I can veto,

    These never start any controversy but heals many ONLY when taken
    correctly.(Otherwise it reduces to some preachings)

    This is the ideal to strive for. And as already we know that "Taali Ek
    Haath se nahi Bajti..". To achieve this ideal the very first step is to
    involve those who need it the most. Well, this might be our very first
    small step.

    The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the practicality of
    the aspects. It is essential that we discuss the things out, plan them,
    sort them etc. But most important part however is the execution, the
    Real Run. No matter what we plan, however small the action is, IT NEEDS
    TO BE DONE. Otherwise it remins to the discussions only and the
    situation in question gets no better. Hope we can practice what we
    discuss, after all, ACTION speaks the LOUDEST.

    Suggestions, comments, bashings, critics all are welcome


  2. hi Prasita

    Welcome to the world blogging!!

    :A dispute, especially a public one, between sides holding opposing views

    Thus a controversy requires to have two sides
    Two persons or groups holding diffrent and opposing views on a topic


  3. Hi Prasita,

    I am really impressed by such a philsophical thoughts of yours. I have a very good solution to avoid controversies. It is always to the advantage of both the parties if anyone of the parties keep their mum.

    A simple fact that a single word gives rise to a new word and the argument continues must be realised by the whole world. I know it is very difficult to adopt this ideology but the greatness lies in keeping quiet and retaining our thoughts with us if the person in front of you is not in a position to understand the jist of it. :)

  4. Hello,
    Agree to Neeaj.
    Just to add, if I may, sometimes (or rather most of the times), your silence is not taken as you expect. It is taken for cowardice, weakness and inability.
    Well, this doesn't mean that we become agressive in putting out thoughts across, but somehow we need to make the person in front of you understand, or at least aware of, what you have in yourself regarding the situation concerned.