Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Silence Please!!!

I do talk a lot when with the best of my friends...but am rather quiet otherwise. This love for quietude leaves me with fewer but the finest of friends.

The silence of the dawn...
the silence with which a mother cajoles her child to sleep...
the serene silence of the courtroom
the sinewy silence of thoughts
the stalking silence of a mourning...
be it any of those the best thing about silence is its silence.

I often take time from my everyday routine to sit quiet and allow my thoughts to rest for a while. With the train rushing in full speed, and me at my favourite window seat..wind gushing my face..and the scenic beauty of the Vashi creek spreading is the silence that I cherish the most.

When I go to the temple, I often find myself not saying my regular prayers or request for blessings. I like to be silent and feel the presence of the Almighty.

When a music-band passes by me or I hear blarring music, my adrenaline level shoots high.
I cannot stand high decibels.

I enjoy this silent passion for silence and solitude.


  1. hi Prasita aka Prasi aka C (whew!!)

    Starting with a cliche
    Silence is golden

    I m not the one who enjoys silence...
    It sounds lifeless,

    Life is to symbolized by sound....not harsh or loud...just to give a indication of it

    A mother hearing her new born baby cry its heart out is exalted than a one who hears its silence....

    although silence say a lot in some means submission, acceptance while sometimes it conveys exactly the opposite.....denial, mutiny

    For me its "Just Say it out!"

    I had to suffer once during my school days for being silent and expressive of my thoughts and regret it!
    End Comment

    [ ] <- Some silent words!!

  2. No Comments here. Hope my silence could explain better!! :)

  3. Sound is Life.... but Silence is Truth!