Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Trip to Shivthar Ghal...

It was on August 3rd 2002, and I was in T.y B.Sc. Our department of Mathematics had arranged this monsoon picnic for us. We were to start at 10 but as per IST(may I call it Indian Stretchable Time) we started at 12 midnight.

It was already August 4th, the first Sunday of August...yes you guessed it right...Friendships Day!!! We celebrated at 12, One of our professors, Chinchole Madam cut the friendship cake...that was the beginning of our friendship with our proficient professors.

The bus journey was great. Lots of songs, fun and frolic and a little bit of sleep. And we reached our destination Shivthar Ghal at 5 am. It was pitch dark outside, all one could hear was the water falling...the noise itself made us imagine the volume of the fall. We had to wait till Mr. Sun provided us with some light to find the way to "Sundar Math" and the hall where 'Ramdas Swami' wrote the 'Dasbodha'. The water fall looked amazing...the best thing was that it was drizzling a bit. After a while we were told that we cant enter the fall as its risky. This really spoilt our mood.

We the members of the PJ committee...oh! ya we were rather are still a part of this prestigious committe which we had formed in TY BSc. Shall write exclusively about this some time later.
Not all of us were there...Mandar(dar) was missing. Arun(run), Deepak(pak), Rajeev(jeev), and me(c) were already cribbing that the place is just ok and were wondering what we would do till 3 pm there...perhaps just stand and gaze at the falls.None of us had imagined that we would have loads of fun and some unforgettable moments of our lives coming up in the next few hours.

We freaked out a bit, there was a small river, pak,jeev nd na tried their hand at fishing too...we had our breakfast and then began our trek...Chinchole Madam took help from one of the localites who showed us the way to another water fall close by.

On our way we had to walk past a small river (the same one where pak nd others tried fishing). Initially we were hesitating to step into water..nd a few minutes later were splashing at each other as if we had never seen water earlier. This prank was started by our usually shy Prof. Amish Thakkar sir. Others Urmila Madam and Joshi Madam were not far behind in joining this brigade.

We marched through a field and a stream before finally reaching the falls. The moment we stood beneath the gushing waters was great..i can still feel the force with which the water kept pouring on me...and I must thank my camera for having survived all the water and finally proving that a 'Yashika' cameras click well even when drenched.I wish I could have added the pics right away...but they are still hard and not in soft you'll have to wait before that happens, to comment on my photographic skills.

Time flew like never before. We didnt want to come back, but had to. As we were stepping down, it was noted that one of the rocks was in a position to slide...and the exciting thing was that I was standing few inches from this. Had that rock skid, my classmates would have got a holiday on my name. They managed to move it to a stable position. Stepping down was not as easy as climbing...nd na had not climbed this far. We had to be carefull as the drizzling had made the soil slippery...

This fall was the origin of the river that we had crossed. On our way back we floated in the river... the flow was enough to carry us with it. The river got deep a bit further, and people like me who did not know the s of swimming also ventured in. We were helped by others to reach the banks...some lost their watches and some their sandals...some of them got things back too...

By it was decided to violate the rules and go to the main waterfall where we were not allowed earlier. Post lunch we tried our hands at that. It had rained heavily and earlier milky waterfall now seemed a complan mixed milky fall. na and me returned to the bus soon...

We rested for a while before we realised that all others had come in and the bus was about to leave.
Only after the bus started and went ahead did pak realize that he had left his bag behind...he ran back...then did run realize that it was there in the bus...pak came back all red to find his bag in place.

All were tired and slept for about an hour and then began the second phase of all the singing and dancing. On our way back we went to 'Pali', one of the 'AshtaVinayakas'. That was a good one too. We all did 'Aarti' together.

It was 8 pm by then and we had to travel almost 4 hours more. We reached back at 12 pm....24 hours after we had left for our Picnic!

I cant say if it was the place, the company, the fun..but all in all it remains best picnic so far. The pj members have been planning to visit this place again...dunno when the trip will happen.


  1. It seemed that it was a 10 minutes of picnic when i was reading it.

    Nice narration prasita!! Keep going...


  2. Nice long narration C

    Looks like you enjoyed a lot
    Most interesting place at Shivtahlgad is the place where they have the idols of "Ramdas Swami" and his disciple writing "Dasbodh" enclosed in glass....

    It was a definately TP Picnic

  3. Ya I agree...
    The mighty fall that u can see from there is mind blowing...

  4. hey c remember me ....i was there with u on that trip....