Friday, June 17, 2005

...entering the professional world!

As part of MSc in Computer Applcations, we had to work on a live project. The very fact that we would no more be students and shall be working made us sad.

It was for this Industrial Training that gave me my first 'Work-ex'. Today is my last day at DNC...hence thought of summing up my experiences here.

The best I liked was the wonderful support extended by all. I had heard of the self centered approach being a part and parcel of the work-environment...but here the experience was totally opposite.

Seven of us from SICSR were here, and it was same as the "703 lab" for us. We enjoyed our work and got to learn many things. Our picnic to Pawna Lake, Lonavala was an additional delight to this.

My acknowledgements to all the seniors here. And some words for my friends now. Medha has 'jhelofied' me the most I guess.Subha the "Python Girl" was always there for help. This blog was inspired by Yogesh's blog "Scribe". Neeraj has improved my GK on Rock music and "Lara Croft". Ramya would refresh us with her "Twinkling Tuesday" and "Funky Friday" messages. Chets...should be crowned the 'jumping jack', always energetic and smiling.

I am reminded of all the 'ping' and 'ack' chats, the training sessions, the configuration doubts, xco's and pipes and test 65 as i compile this...

Must say I feel confident and independent after ... entering the professional world!


  1. Bravo! Prasita...

    And I should call it the spirit of DNC DATA. Dedication and Devotion is what we learn and teach here.

    All the best for your professional career. Would be happy if you remember me more of as a friend than a colleague.

  2. hi C

    Nice to read your post..

    When are u flying for Bangalore....
    [mail me!]
    Stay in touch!!