Thursday, June 23, 2005

kuch sawaal...apne aap se!

Life is a long journey!Each step that you pass by makes you rich by experience. In todays fast and happenning life do we really get time to think of ourselves, time to peep into our mistakes,learn a lesson or two from them or time to even consider that our deeds may have harmed others.

Most of the time we bask in the glory of our success, without caring about the supporting pillars who formed the strong foundation for us to climb the winning pedestal.We as individuals endevour to secure a suitable position, the so called 'status' for ourselves. Is it this concept of 'self' that we live for.

Dont we often come across situations when we help others only because it will benefit us in some way. Every deed of ours knowingly or unknowingly expects a good return. If this theory holds true, wont our selfish deeds backfire on us.In the present day cut-throat competition, its easy to preach of such a selfless attitude. But does the success last for long.

Does a person feel contented despite being an achiever? Is the material wealth all that we strive for...does it replace our emotional wealth?

mmm must say...lots of questions!


  1. I think it is good to be selfish
    Atleast you have a reason to do something
    I find it difficult to view when someone says i did this selflessly or did not expect anything

    Everything we do has to have a return value of it!!

  2. Selflessness is regarded as your stupidity now-a-days. But that does not mean that we should stop being selfless.

    After all stupids make the world go!!