Friday, June 24, 2005


Relations...they follow you forever. It is a bond as inseperable as your shadow. Family ties or friendly bonds they are always with you. It holds you tight while letting you free.

Just like a kite which soars high, has the freedom to soar high when let loose..but falls low when the thread is let free.Why do these bonds endear us? Inspite of the hold why do we still maintain them. Perhaps the sense of belonging it brings along attracts us. The very feeling of being like, being cared for is so heavenly that it camouflages all the bindings.

Many a times the concern, which brings in the so called control makes you feel wanted. Though one may not like being questioned "Why were you late", "Where are you going"...but given a chance to freak out in their absence dont we miss this concern.

What I feel is that more the restrictions or rather tighter the string of the relation the weaker it grows. The urge to break free form the cluthes of this relation makes the relation more fragile.

This blog comes ahead of me leaving Mumbai for Bangalore for my job. I know this seperation will only strengthen the bonds that I feel I am going away from.

And as pak says I need to be stronger and face life...I will give my best, jeev Pj comm. is not splitting its expanding ok...and na please dont cry, run dont you be happy coz I will keep troubling you via mails

Yogesh will definitely point my philosophical thinking after reading this. I am waiting for all your comments


  1. Hi Prasi

    I was really unaware of your philisophical bent of
    mind. I was really suprised to read this post.

    But remember homesickness is one of the greatest
    obstacle in one's progress. The world is coming closer
    and closer today and we all are hardly far away from
    our near and dear ones. They are always a button-click away.

    So don't become so sentimental..just carry on..keep moving

    All The Best!!

  2. hi C

    i m pretty homesick too!
    What i always miss is my mom and her food
    no matter wherever u go u will miss ur mom....Right?

    About strength of relationships.....i can say they get stronger by the way u treat people...remembering people only when u need them is the worst thing u can do...

    I know...i sometimes do it....and againg some people i know are like that...!!!1

    anyway.....keep those posts coming from Bangalore..and bump around with other Symbis who seem to have lost touch...

  3. "absence makes the heart grow fonder" someone said. i guess for you, i hope that "absence makes the bonds grow stronger"