Sunday, August 14, 2005

Bangalore blues...

Hey this is my first post since I crash landed in this garden city..I am sure this is enough to say that I havent found time to pursue any of my hobbies to the extent that I want to.

I must say the city is beautiful, the roads,gardens,trees,the beautiful stately buildings and hep shopping malls too. You get good fruit juices at good prices too. I am happy to find good coffee,rasam and curd rice here.

Well the very first impression created by the porter at the railway station and the rickshaw drivers seemed away from friendly. Though the city is cool..ya in terms of the climatic conditions and people are supposedly warm nd friendly...surprising enough I havent bumped across such a person yet!To add to your confusion you have roads,mains and crosses...and to top it all you also have one ways!And rickshaw walas often take you around with this wonderful excuse "Madam, that is a one way!".

ITC Infotech Campus is an expanse.The gardens are beautiful and wonderfully maintained. The entire ambience is natural and quite earthern. Every building has a very swadesi ethnic name, carved on a rock. The learning center is also a beautiful piece of interior design. Another impressive fact is the use of acoustics in the design of halls. You dont need a mike even though the room is big enough to accomodate 75 people. Its a perfect mix of tradition and contemporary ideas. On entering the campus I feel I am in a different world altogether.No wonder inspite of being a sunday I am in campus today!

Though I havent seen too much of Bangalore as of now and am yet to explore it to the fullest...I guess my stay will definitely be interesting!Wat say?


  1. "Bangalore Blues" seems to be inspired from "Hyderabad Blues". Well Prasi. I know 1 thing about you - that u are very smart in using the right words.
    Bangalore Blues - has created a poetic effect. What they call it ..yeah Alliteration.

    Well, I suggest you to explore the city first. Its very amazing city. Don't bother about the traffic intensities. Try different recepies every weekends, make new friends....There's lot you could miss.


  2. Nice to hear from you Prasi
    also from Neeraj
    man i wish i could leave Mumbai for couple of months...

    Anyway keep blogging
    and get some pics..[eventually get a camera and get some pics]

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