Monday, October 10, 2005

Fountain Head

This is too good a book...I doubt if I am capable enough of writing anything about it, but couldnt help admiring the leading characters.

Howard Roark the ultimate in perfection. This character inspires u to follow your dreams with obsession. His way of working and the perception of working for ones own self, for ones own soul and satisfaction is what interested me the best. Dominique Wynand as the foreword says is the perfect priestess for this personification of perfection Howard Roark.

People like Elsworth Toohey and Peater Keating are seen almost everywhere. People like Keating I guess are found in abundance, the typical parasite types...who thrive on others talent. Preachers like Toohey are crazy about power and following.

Gail Wynand also leaves a lasting impression of a ruler who rules provided he speaks what the people whom he is ruling want him to...A paradox for a ruler though. His determination is commendable.

Each character seems to be living around you, the narration is par excellence.

The moral of this blog is "Do read this book"!


  1. Hi Prasi
    Long time no see.
    Well abt Fountainhead. What can i say?
    Good book to own. I have it. It was recommended to me by a friend.
    You can read my view about her other book Atlas Shrugged. If you love Fountainhead you would love Atlas shrugged also. That was what i was told.

    Have not started it yet!!


  2. Dominique Francon. Interesting character. :)