Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bye Bye Bangy :(

Well...Its just three months since I came here and had just started liking the city, and its time to pack up for another place..yes I am all set to hit next adda, for dunno how long!

My regular hangouts in Bangy have been the Brigade Road and M G Road. Bangalore Central,Westside, Wills Lifestyle, Garuda Mall and the likes...and this time I could do more than just window shopping. Visit to Forum was grand too....Tawa at Brigades, Nandhini...i dunno where the exact location is but we refer to it as the achi wali Nandhini, Food Magic at Hutchins Road were some of the regular eat outs. We also had been to Tamarind for Aparnas Bday treat. And my treat at Mainland China is pending. Symphony aur Rex ke bhi Darshan kar liye...

My company has been generous in parties. We had a welcome party. Then the formal dinner at the Parachute Regiment. Our Parents Day function, where I got my award. And our Companys fifth anniversary party too...Each was an ocassion of dance masti and loads of fun.

Must say I will miss this city...may be not as much as I miss aamchi Mumbai still....


  1. Yeah! Mumbai rocks!
    he he..This is what you would always get out of me. I love Mumbai.

    Hey C. If you are thinking of a book to read, try Shantaram. Its a good novel.

    I've read it and love it.
    See this for my views.

  2. Prasita,

    Seems like you have blogged out. Is your blog dead!
    No updates since ages!

  3. Hi Prasita, I just arbitrarily came across this blog, it was quite interesting to read the thoughts expressed here. Also intrigued by the good comments that your good friends have posted here. You guys seemed to be a closely bound group. I didn't mean to intrude in, but couldn't help but express that it was good to find a group of people with similar thoughts (I agree with most stuff written here, especially the first post, Controversies). All the best to you guys.