Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Its been really long since I wrote on my blog...Cant say I was busy working...may be busy getting used to the city of joy, Kolkata.

The stay so far has been good. I am constantly in the pursuit of seeing more of the city, before my next transfer is announced. And in my paryatan, I have my friend and colleague Anshul with me.

We have seen a few places in and around Kolkata. This include the likes of Dokhineshwar temple, Victoria Memorial (Only from outside, its closed by 4:30 pm), Nicco Park...a theme park, ClownTown... an ideal place for go karting, ice skating et all. Visit to malls are a part of the ride. This includes the likes of Forum, City Centre, Westside, Pantaloons and so on. Shoppings are usually done at Esplanade,New Market area, places where you can see kolkata alive. And I cant miss this food joint that has become our regular hangout...Haldirams.

The view of the VidyaSagar Sethu from our office is awesome. We can also see the Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens...(only floodlights though) and the Eliot Park. I was amazed at the engineering by the mere sight of Howrah Bridge. Its massive...too good!! Visit to Nicco Part was fun. We were back to those days of school picnic coz ours was a gang of about 14 people. Each ride was enjoyed by screams and shouts! Clowntown...I cant forget the trip. I fell about 6 times on the ice skating rink, but thanks to Anshul who inspire me to finally do about two rounds without support.

Malls are just the same in any city, though i miss the pace of Mumbai and the IT effect of Bangalore.

Haldirams...what more can i say than yummmmmmmmy food. From Club Kachodi to Cholar Dal, from Masala Dosa to Samosa ...ya and the elaichi chai...bas mazaa aa jaye. You should hear Anshul say "Maa ke haath ka khaana..."....miss u amma.

We had an Xmas party hosted by our company at the Sunderbans, Shonar Bangla...that was an indeed a 7 star experience.

Hey...I can't offend the Metro Rail by not mentioning about it here. Its simply the best...no offences meant toward amchi Mumbai's local trains. Cant help it guys its really efficient in terms of time, safely, cleanliness and also cost effectiveness.

Leaving all my apprehensions which bugged me before coming to this city aside,
Kolkata is a city of joy. People love to eat and I hope that I too fall in love with eating and thus improve my health before my next transfer!!!


  1. Hi Prasita,

    Nice that you are enjoying there at Kolkata. I was there last year but just at the airport. Wanted to visit the city but had no time then.

    Well transfers are boons. Really! We got to see so many new places. Find new people. Varied experiences and lots of fun. Its amazing that I have roamed 4 new cities in the last 5 months.

    Finally seems like i would be here at Pune for few months :))

  2. Hi Prasi
    Really longtime

    Nice to hear that you are enjoying in Kolkatta (i hope i spelled it right or you can pick from Calcutta...Kolkata)

    Trips...Hangouts....maja hai...nice to go out with friends at weekends hai na?

    I m a bit unlucky on transfers since all my jobs have been in Aamchi Mumbai.....(anyone listening)

    Neeraj ka accha hai Manglore..Pune...and where not...

    Same abt you all symbians.....Mumbai/Pune/Banglore.....

    good good

  3. Nice post. Remembered as the Communist hub of India, this exquisite city will charm you with its Old World culture and heritage. Dubbed as the 'City of Joy', the celebratory air in Kolkata (Calcutta) never diminishes with its excitingly colourful festivals, particuarly Durga Puja. Explore Eilot park also.