Wednesday, March 22, 2006

transfer time again....

Well, this is the time of the year when I get time to pursue some of my hobbies. Yes this time its back to the garden city...

Before that, lots to be added about my short stint at Bangla and life at Kolkatta. This is one city I have roamed like crazy. To my list of places visited I can now add Science City, Kalighat Mandir and this time Victoria Memorial from Inside. I also experienced the tram ride, this was on my list of to dos before leaving for Blore.

With the Mercury level rising, Kolkatta is not all that cozy as it was some time back. Still it fascinates me. The cool attitude rather the "jo hoga dekha jayega" attitude (which is prominent around) is yet to creep into me.

Its the same with me always, I cry when I reach a new place for the grief of leavin the previous and cry again before I leave for the next. This cycle will continue I guess.

Hope to enjoy Bangalore as I enjoyed Kolkatta.

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