Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Book reviews

Must say I have done some serious reading in the past few days. I could read some books I have longed to read.

This started with the thinner ones 'Five Point Someone' and 'One Night at the Call Center' by Chetan Bhagat.

It surely was a trip down the memory lane...back to college types.

Then came others like 'Bloodline - Sydney Sheldon' ,'Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki' and Dan Browns Digital Fortress.

Dan Brown puts forth the technical details in an interesting manner. A good techno thriller.

Bloodline was good, but after a point the same old Sydney Sheldon stuff is too much to handle, the story seems to be wandering from its path.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a good financial guide for a layman. Must read for us who have started our careers and savings are a must.

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged...too good! Though I didnt like it as much as Fountain Head, the characters and the storyline keep you hooked. Who is John Galt?

I also read a book on 'The Story of the INA - SA Ayer'. This provided a good insight at the activities of the INA. Moreover as I am now at Kolkatta, I guess the Netaji spirit is fresh in me. Then came a book on skin and hair, an average book citing medical facts in simple words.

'A House for Mr. Biswas - V.S. Naipaul'. This is my first book written by V.S.Naipaul, I like the style of writing. The rawness in the characters and the details of the scene are worth mentioning.

'Train to Pakistan - Khushwant Singh'. It captures all the emotions of the partition scene in very few words. The last sentence has left an impact on goes somewhat like this...the train went over him and to Pakistan.
I also read 'The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho'for the third time. Everytime I read this I discover a new dimension hidden in the words. Its an all time inspiration for me.

Looking forward to more reading...


  1. Woah! Hold on to your books...That is quite a list Prasi.

    My comments

    Five Point Someone - very nice read. A good story line which kept me laughing....

    One Night at the Call Center - written on a very interesting topic, handles lives of a group of call center executives and then a very special call....very cool

    Digital Fortress - a typical Dan paced....unputdownable...and its geeky with all algos and encryption

    Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged...Guess what i am reading the same book...he he

    i have not read the remaining ones tho..

    Plan to pick Rich Dad Poor Dad...

    bye and happy reading.....(lots of it)

  2. These days I am reading Sidney Sheldon - The other side of me

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  4. 5 point someone... I have read this. I thoroughly enjoyed the book since I could easily identify with a certain someone! I wonder how the book comes across to someone who doesn't identify with any of the characters!

    Ayn Rand: I tried reading Atlas Shrugged a couple of times, but now it is sadly relegated to the 'later' shelf. Maybe someday...
    Fountainhead, though, was a mindblower. It is madly idealistic, but I loved it.

    Rich Dad Poor Dad.. a wake up call. Real scary book, but a lot of thing to learn.

    The alchemist: Honestly, I didn't get the hype about this book. To me it was a fable with a couple of dimensions to it. And I definitely did not like the style.

  5. Five point someone..a good read.A simple story but since you can identify with characthers,looks real and more intresting.

    One Night at call center:Din't like this one,Chetan gets repeatative in narration and the characters..this repeatation continues even in the next 'Three mistakes of my life'.

    Digital fortress: A good read,thought since I read 'Angels and demons' first,I felt in this one less suspense...

    Never liked V S naipaul's writing..its so NRIed..always cribbing about things that they want to change sitting in there 5-star study..
    rest yet to catch...

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