Friday, January 23, 2009

Ansu Kanwar in the list for bravery awards...

This girl of 16, with the only support from her mother, dared to deny the marriage proposal from a man almost 40 years older to her. The whole village was all set to get them married, they even demanded a fine of Rs. 4 lakh for doing this. She was firm on her decision, and with help from the local administration could stand by it. The best part is that 8 other child marriages were called off after this.

As I see "Balika Vadhu" a popular soap on Colours, I would often wonder, if it is still the case. After 60 years of independence we find ourselves bonded by the clutches of traditions and superstitions.

Is there a way at all to come out of this? We seeing it on television, writing comments to news articles, writing blogs and forwarding mails, is that the only thing we can do about this. Do politicians turn a blind eye at such cases, for the sake of vote banks! Now before we deal with all these, we are busy beating up people in the name of the so called PUB Culture.

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  1. Rightly pointed out prasi.

    Expecting anything from our politicians is pointless.

    The so called protectors of our culture are the biggest hypocrites around. The fact that they conveniently ignore child marriages, girl child abuse etc is proof enough of how much they even care for womankind!

    We need to have a more awakened society and solve such issues ourselves... how is the question!