Monday, January 19, 2009

Gooooooood Mooooorninggggg!

Everyday as I wait for my office shuttle to pick, me I see school buses passing by. This kid amuses me, she would be in her kindergarten, and is always so eager to go to school, not a sign of lethargy. She makes it a point to get in, take her seat, and wave back at moma. I feel a little embarrassed that the tiny tot feels so good about getting up so early and going to school, and here am I, waiting to be seated, and catch a nap for the next 30 mins. or so, till the time the shuttle pulls into our campus.

Surprising enough, the other day I was awake. On the way, I saw a group of school kids, again waiting for their bus, as our shuttle passed by, they shouted together...Gooooooood Mooooorninggggg. It was fun to see their smiling faces, and also to see a smile on our driver, who otherwise seems to have forgotten to smile. The reaction didn’t stop at that. Many people in the shuttle also were smiling, as if remembering their own set of childhood pranks. The kids were perhaps having fun shouting Good Morning...innocently spreading cheer and joy!

This reminded me of a lesson we had in English in class X. The author would thank everyone whom he would interact with during the day, be it a shop keeper, the auto driver, or his colleagues. This was his way of spreading cheer. We had an amazing professor, Prasad sir, who made the lesson so very interesting, that most of us actually started thanking the people we come across. It is delightful to see the shop keepers surprised faces when you thank them,as if to say ‘but you are paying me for what I am selling’.


  1. Good morning Prasi :)

    Nice post. Just another example of howwww much we can learn from kids. Somehow I think we all can agree that we were much much better off as kids... lived life king size, never thought so much before doing or saying things and more importantly woke up each day as if it were a new new day... guess that explains the smiling faces each morning :)

    I remember that 'say thank you' chapter we had in school... and you're right... it did create quite an effect.

    Keep writing!

  2. Hi,
    I can give u a small suggestion..Join the kids one day in their school bus.All you need is a school bag & 1 water bottle.Anyhow nobody is going to find out that you are not their classmate. :-).
    Just give it a try. Get the secret from them to feel so enthusiastic & reveal it to us as well.


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  4. this blog gives me a deja vu effect...I remember that lesson.. I had my own apprehensions about whther thanking each person helps... I have a gujju frnd now ..
    he thanks even our mess wala for serving fud and in return gets extra sweet dishes... So i think it works. ;) this is surprising