Friday, January 16, 2009

Makara Jyoti..

14th of January, approx 1830 hrs IST...thousands of devotees are gathered at Sabari Mala.I too experienced a glimpse of the almighty, yes I too witnessed this Live(...on television)!
I was spellbound at the very sight of the Makara Jyoti...and wanted to write about this. While looking for more information on Lord Aiyappan, and I came across a good write up here: Lord Aiyappan

Many say its forest fire, its mere coincidence that a light comes up there at that time...for me its pure divinity, it is belief is hope.

Another part of the entire process of bringing the Thiruvabharanam for the Lord, includes the vist to the Vavara Swami Mosque. Even today, leaders of both the beliefs, Hindu and Muslim join hands to welcome the Thiruvabharanam. I was moved to hear the Muslim leader say that this is an example for the whole world to see and learn, when we are in need its the Lord Almighty who saves us, be it Allah or Ishwar!

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  1. nice post prasi...

    the comment by the muslim leader only goes to show how much the common man yearns to leave in peace and harmony... should put the so called jihadis to shame!!!

    happy sankranti :)