Monday, January 05, 2009


no its not a typo... I really want to call this post Allegra, thats the anti histamine which keeps me going amidst my allergic times.
I thought of making a list of simple to-dos for people like me
Simplest of them all prevention. Try to avoid dust as much as possible, use coir/foam mattress and pillow, keep your room as dust and clutter free as possible, soft toys on bed are a strict no-no.
Drink plenty of water, this flushes the toxins out and avoids further problems.
Keep yourselft calm and composed, begin your day with simple breathing exercises, for say 5 -10 mins to begin with.
Be regular with the medication, it gets on to your nerves to be on pills for so long though, but believe me its better than having the allergy overpower you.
The most important of them all, its not a sin to be allergic to something. Live life to the fullest, do not let this bring down your morale. Be optimistic, that you will be all right soooon....

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  1. being optimistic is the way out most of the times, prasi...

    n you know what... when i first read your post title... i was reminded of another word... ALLEGRIA... which means cheer and joy... keep smiling!