Monday, February 16, 2009

Not-so-Safe Roads..

Do u remember seeing the James Bond ad for VISA, the ride in a city auto richshaw is no less than this.

The best time to experience this is the typical office hour. Get into an auto and ask him to take you to a place for which you need to cross a minimum of 4 traffic signals, and at each you have to wait for about 3 rounds of signals, before you get your green. You would find the auto...rather your self dodging 2 wheelers and small cars (so far I havent seen a 'panga' with the bigger vehicles). The amazing roads add to the experience and make in a bumpy joy ride. This is a best way to get a full body massage done.

I have seen an auto go turtle, just as the driver tried taking a sharp turn, to avoid a tree fallen on the road after heavy rains. The auto driver got hurt, the and the only passenger had some bruises, but she was in a shocked state. It could easily have been one of us, thanks to the roads, the administration and the rushing auto drivers. Are they the only ones to blame?? Half the time we tend to think that good he is doing those gimmicks, I wont have to waste time on the road. Whats the use of saving time at the cost of ones life.

The next to compete with Michael Schumacher are the cab drivers of our city. Agreed that they have to reach the desired place of pick or drop within timelines, but what if you not late but prefix your name with it.

Well its not just them who speed up or do reckless driving, it includes most of us who drive. Why not make sure that we drive well, follow lane discipline, be within speed limits...and make the roads safer to drive on!

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  1. nice one prasi...

    civic sense and traffic sense are some real basic basic qualities that we shamelessly lack...

    self realization and action seems a long way away... though not impossible.