Monday, March 16, 2009

...the weekend trip

It was one of the sudden plans, made by my cousin. We went to Ghati Subramanya.
We started around 3 pm and were there by 5 pm. The ride after crossing the BEL junction is peaceful. One can enjoy the country side ride to the fullest here. There is some road work going on the way, so the final ride of about 4 kms was quite a bumpy one. All that is worthwhile, to get a glimpse of the Lord.
The best thing about the temple, is that it was far off from the crowd and din of the city world. This being the so called 'exam season' there was less rush, and we could finish our Darshan in about 30 mins. The calmness of the place is refreshing.

On the way back we stopped at a lake. It was so quiet. I wanted to fill my lungs with fresh air as much as possible, and also to carry some to Bangalore. If only I could do that. If only I had the powers of Harry Potter, I could do an 'accio' on all the pollutants and transform them into something useful.

We reached the BEL circle, and were back amidst all the honking and smoke. All those flyovers confuse you to the core, to top it all there are hardly any sign-boards to guide you. Talking about the traffic and conjestion, I was impressed by the idea suggested by my cousins kiddo, he is all of 7 years. He says " I will ask newspaper man to write in the paper (his way of saying that I will announce this in the newspapers), that people should not go out of the house for one Saturday. They can go to nearby temples, provided they walk it down. On this day I will get work done on all the roads."

If a kid of 7 can think so much about bringing a we even bother as much, if not any more. Blame it on the practicality of solutions or to any other factor, the fact is the 'chalta hai' and 'wats the use of complainin' attitude. With the new "Vote for none of the candidates" we do have a chance to atleast say that the options we have are limited. Lets give it a try.

I dont believe my weekend trip blog went a way too off track and reached here..I better stop.

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