Monday, March 23, 2009


This was one of those pj reunion plans way back in 2004, which turned out to be one only for 3 of us run,jeev and me. We had a great time. We walked our way from CST till the Gateway of India. It was fun, we were recollecting all the fun days at college.

We took a boat from the Gateway, it takes about 30-35 mins. Midways our boat stopped :D. We were a bit puzzled, but less restless than the crowd, as we had loads to catch up on. We were busy with our own tp (timepass). They did some basic repair, and thanks to our strong lifeline, we reached the tiny island of Elephanta safely.

The state of the monument there is not really appealing. What I liked the best was the statue of Trimurti. People were busy posing with the remains of the monuments. Most of the elephants had no trunks, and the guarding demons on four sides of the temple without heads. I only wish the caves and the temple were maintained better.

We missed one trip of the boat on our way back, and had to wait for a good 30 mins, before we got into the next one. This time the tides played games with us, and we were half soaked in sea water, by the time we got off the boat.

Its definitely one of the memorable trips I have had with my best buddies.


  1. hey ..but i know u really enjoyed the trip ...and i also know the reason :)

  2. obviously i would enjoy any place with my best buddies