Monday, March 23, 2009


Our first PJ outing after TY..would be around October/November 2003. The thing we missed the most was eating dabba together. So we decided to get dabba and go to Matheran...what a plan! Sappu,Mandy,jeev nd me were the only people.

We started quite early, reached Neral, and took the jhuk jhuk gaadi from there to go to Matheran. We were playing dumb charade, and the entire compartment was getting entertained. We also ate our dabbas just like in college, it was pure fun.

After reaching the top, we decided to buy a map and venture out on our own. We kept going on and on, and did not see a single point. We were tired and relaxed in a so called childrens park, which looked more like a haunted place. Finally we reached a spot, that was not there in the map, but the view was too good. We named the point 'PJ' point!

We saw some of the known points as well Charlotte Lake, Panorama point, Echo point,Luisa Point...I dont remember the rest now.Sappu and I even attempted the "Koi Mil gaya" step on the way, and the boys refused to call us their friends. We have one of those DCH kinda fotos clicked on the hill top.

The best thing about Matheran is that no motor vehicles are allowed in a major part of Matheran. Its truly a 0 pollution zone. And the next thing is that its only about 2.5 hours from home. A perfect spot for a day outing.

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