Thursday, April 02, 2009

Coorg ...

Deepti'wedding trip to Coorg 25-26th August 2007, that was the only outing that we from our PG Gang went to. After all the planning and replanning, we finally decided to book an indica and go to Coorg. Pinkys friend (now husband) Pravin knew this Cab driver and thats how the plan was close to execution.

The final list of people included Vidya, Pinky, Komal and me. We were ready by around 4:30 am only to realize the cab had not come, also the drivers number was not reachable. Was the plan a huge flop right away??? We kept trying his number, even woke Pravin to check more about the cab driver. He finally came around 5:30, his cell was not reachable as he was out of charge.

We started off cribbing that we were late, but the excitement of the gang finally going out was at its peak. Our first halt was at the famous CCD off Mysore Road, the very look of CCD is so pleasant. The ambience remains same everywhere, be it Mumbai, Pune or Kolkata. Vidya is a huge patron (pun intended) of CCD and loves to feast at the cafe Mocca. After this short break we speeded off past Mysore. We passed the Infy campus, I was so excited about the very thought that I was in front of the INFY CAMPUS, I made the drived stop the cab, got off and try to click as little as I could(hardly 2 snaps which cover only about 2% of one of the buildings)

I had just got my Digicam about 2 weeks before this, was in full josh. My album for this trip includes photos of the road, coconut palms, grass, clouds, an extent that my friends had to remind me that they too exist, and I should also try clicking homo sapiens for a change.

We went through the Tibetan settlement, it was as if u have entered Tibet. The houses are different, the poople their robes, wind mills wow....after driving for a while you will reach the Namdroling Monastery. I wouldnt attempt describing the splendour of the Monastery, its a treat for a tourist and a perfect place for meditation for a pilgrim. The golden statues of the Buddha, entrall you. The guarding Monsters, Paintings on all sides, and the cloud and angel motiffs on the roof top, each of it has the minutest detailing.

After the monastery, we went to Nisargadhama, you see the Kaveri flowing. We went past the hanging rope bridge, climbed the tree house, sat on an elephant ..well a tiny stone one. We even tried a variety of cow boy hats at the shop there. The drive from here on was a bit long. We went to Abby falls next. The best thing at the falls was that you could feel the droplets on your face. It was so beautiful. I wanted to just close my eyes and feel the falls to the fullest.

After this we went to Marriage hall where we were to meet Deepti. She and her family gave us a warm welcome. We had lunch, went to the hotel and had a nice nap. In the evening we were to again go for a function on the previous day of the wedding. we were all dressed up, Deepti was looking like a 'gombe' (doll in Kannada). We feasted on the traditional Coorg dishes, and had some homemade wine as well. They danced the traditional Coorgi dance.

The next morning, I got up early and went for a walk. It was so refreshing I was in awe of the place, and thought to myself, I will comeback...We got ready again to attend Deepti's wedding. We had a great time there.

We also went to the Omkareshwara temple, and drove back. To mark the end of our trip we went back to the same CCD...oh the trip had come to an end, I was feeling so bad, but the memories of the trip will never come to an end!

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