Thursday, April 02, 2009

Karnataka tour -- 2007

It was October 2007. I had moved in with Anusha, so Amma Achan came here to stay with us for a while. I had planned two trips in advance. One to the golden temple at Vellore and another spanning quite a few places of interest in Karnataka.

Our trip to Vellore was of one full day in itself, Amma Achan liked the temple. We then went on our two day trip. We started off with Shravana Belagola, the huge statue of Gomateshwara. We had to climb around 450 steps. I was a little worried that it would be difficult for them. We took small breaks but were finally up there, and the view is so beautiful. The statue reminded me of the poem 'Gumataraya' we had to learn in school.

We went to Belur and Halebid. Though the temples are not in their perfect state, there are some things which amaze you. At Belur there is a huge stone carving of the "Nandi", its a masterpiece, also the bell around the bulls neck is so intricate.

We went to Kukke Subramanya, stayed close to Dharmasthala. The next morning, we had Darshan at Dharmasthala, and then went to Shringeri. Like most of the temlples in Southern India, they seve free meals to the Pilgrims, we too got the chance to do the same. Achan just loved the food.

That was our sight seeing and pilgrimage.

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