Friday, April 17, 2009


I have seen the typical "This happens only in India!" stuff a lot and finally decided to dedicate a genre of my blog towards this. Here goes my first one.

Election is the buzz word of the season. The Phase I of the polls were conducted today and it was reported to be peaceful to a large extent.

This buzz word has triggered a lot of action. Be it people promising security at the cost of bloodshed or be it the usual blame game. The famous line...'Unhone is padh par rehkar kya nahi kiya...and humne kya kiya". The promises are as high as increasing the tax limit from 1.5 lacs to 3 lacs... gime me a break...if not for us tax wouldnt have a penny for all these campaigns...why would you really bother bringing it down?

Eye candy that goes in to woo voters can be witnessed everywhere. Can you imagine a street which is hardly 8 feet wide, and has 2 street lights at the distance of about 15 feet. Thanks to this light I no longer need a bed lamp. Did someone say go green ;). A so called bus shelter is under construction close by. And guess where all the construction material is accumulated? Bingo! Right on the road, its for the public by the public and of the public after all.

Some get the bollywood seconds, sorry duplicates, to perform and gather audiences before the netas come and sing their lullaby speeches. Some get the NSA to monitor them while some others get a shoe-off.

Some more like me who are well past 18 still don't exercise their fundamental right. why? My name is still not part of the voters list. I did register on, but was too lazy to go and submit the form or even post it. I only wish the whole system were online.

If wishes were horses...well this happens only in India!


  1. how about Poll-I-Nation

  2. Nice post Prasi. You're right about the 'it happens only in India' thing... these days polls bytes and politician footage on the tv, paper, radio, and for that matter ads on Orkut etc too... seem to have replaced all the typical reality show, saas-bahu sagas and everything else... jahaan dekho wahaan neta...!!!

    I hate this poll season... public display of all our nation's waste!!!

    Liked the wedding countdown gadget on your blog space :) it's ticking away pretty fast, lady :)

  3. Its not laziness, we just lack inspiration. As most of the people (neta) don't keep their promises.

    [wedding timer] .. humm..nice gadget..congratulations !!!

  4. Hmmm....I do agree that the netas Speeches are irritating but in the other way if u see some of the construction work or others will happen faster than any other time in election time. I wish India would have all the time election season(except for the speeches and election which involves lot of Cost)