Friday, April 24, 2009

"Desire is the root cause of misery"

family fundas
poky relatives
false promises
friends and foes
your boss
nosy colleagues
noisy kids
complaining owner
sad roads
bad traffic
rising mercury
worsening economy

do they irk you? do they bother you?

here is a simple solution
as Lord Buddha wisely said,
"Desire is the root cause of misery"

**: this does not imply that you stop expecting your bonus/gifts/surprises ;). I was in a rotten mood as I wrote this and only wished to convey expect the downs to come in and take them as a challenge! Accept your mistakes and Be the change yourself.


  1. Once a sincere devotee asked God, "I want Peace".
    God replied, "Remove 'I' thats ego, remove 'Want' thats desire, 'Peace' is automatically attained".

  2. hey prasi... i so so so agree with this post of yours. I've shared the very same frustuuuu feeling many a times when I was at Chennai. I guess life takes it's own time to balance out the odds we deal with... My shift to Bangalore and other new developments now have kind of completely overpowered those older feelings :)

    nice post :)

    ps: i'm copying the wedding ticker gadget :P

  3. tnx Pri!..nd ya gadget ka extra charges ok ...he he he he