Monday, April 27, 2009

in the name of A Name

One of my friends was blessed with a baby girl last month. For a while all were busy checking if the baby and the mother were doing good, who did the baby resemble most...was the baby crying at night et all. After all the usual pleasantries came the herculean task of finding a nice name for the baby.

The new borns dad had a name in mind, but was that of a pop singer. Up comes the first question, 'Hey do you want your baby to become a pop singer like her?'.Well whats the harm? Also were not all pop singers kids some day?. Then came in a few suggestions. Some were common, some so called old age names. They seem to remind you of old people. Well my pet name is 'Paapa -- meaning a baby' does that mean when I grow old you will change my pet name???

Numerology and stars were the next to come in. I did my part of googling for the right syllable to begin the name with based on the date of birth, Star, Rasi et all.
There was again a list of names some with S, See,Su, Sh, Go...and so on. Its interesting that we have names with most of the valid syllables. Imagine the amount of technology that has already been consumed for the first official document for a new born, her birth certificate. Software to compute her lucky number, her horroscope, the website with list of names that are suitable for her, emailing the list to her dad, and me writing a blog for this.

All in the name of A Name!

Disclaimer: I might end up doing the same things for my kid some day ;) after all anyone would want his/her kid to have a unique name and the best one too!


  1. bet you would find the best name for ur kid :)

  2. hope so...u wl help me na ;)

  3. 100 days to go..wl tell u fter dat

  4. nice cute post prasi... happens with every parent :)

    interesting comments here haan :P

  5. And they say... what's in a name? Must be a freak!!! Hahaha

  6. i hope it was 4 reshma chechi's kiddo!!!!

    nyway wats d baby's name

  7. her naming ceremony is today..wl keep u posted on that!

  8. hey Preeti..her name is Rehanne!