Thursday, May 14, 2009

Celebs day or Mommies day?

Last Sunday was time for yet another marketing fad to strike all of us. It was Mothers day. They day to express your love and affection to your mom. Gift her diamonds, designer sarees, gold, platinum and the list was endless. Right from the online store to order photo prints to the local boutique, everyone had an offer. I felt a little guilty for a second, do I not love my mom enough? I did not buy any of these to gift her. My moms biggest asset being her simplicity, she was so happy when I called her to wish a "Happy Mothers Day!". It also coincided with her birthday.

I was at my friends place that morning. We were both glancing at the Sunday Times, to get a feel of the so called Sunday. The entire edition had loads of pictures of mommies and their kids. Guess what! they were all known faces. Public figures, be it a model, an actress, a netas mom or an abhinetas mom. They were all smiling and all their kids had great messages to tell them. My friends was furious at this. She said, are only these, whom we always find in the media spotlight, the only moms worthy of all this attention and hype. What about our moms. Dont they deserve a salute for all that they have done.

Well our moms might not contribute enuogh reading material to the leading dailes. But we do care for them and mean much more to us than all of the celeb mommies put together. If not for them would we ever exist on the surface of the earth.

My mom has been my best buddy,my teacher and all that I ever wanted. I can crack a joke with her and discuss the most serious issue as well. I still remember, while I was preparing for my T.Y BSc exams, the world cup fever was on. She would feel bad that I had to miss all those matches live on T.V, as I would be drowned in my books. She would stay awake till late, only to give me company, and would give me all the match updates every 15 mins :).

Whenever in need, all I have to do is call her and speak my heart out. Coz I know she is closer to God than I am, and her prayers are always answered. We gossip almost everyday on phone, and dad has to often interrupt, to remind us that Graham Bell's invention is for much better use than gossip.

You the best Amma! Every day is your day!


  1. just do one more favour for ur mom...ask her read this .she wud be so happy.

  2. Ramya Venkateswaran5/19/2009 3:49 PM

    You are right. I miss mine so much :(

  3. Thanks for the comment Rams..we feel so incomplete withour our moms around :(

  4. Thanks for the comment Sita :)

  5. awesome post prasi...

    i'm sure your mom would love even more for this... you must get her to read this...

    you n ur fren are correct... its unfair that celebrity moms got all the hype...but then that's how the media build their success tales...

    hope your mom had a lovely bday too...

    moms are the best... and no matter wot... they're completely irreplaceable...

  6. Thanks Pri! Like the ad..My Daddy Strongest!..along with that I would want to say My Mommie bestest perhaps ;)

  7. Hey Prasita,
    Nice post !! :) I loved it. Agree with you..

  8. did u make ur mom read this??? its very sweet...