Thursday, June 04, 2009

Real Roadies

And the Nominees for this award are:

A funky bike rider, with the pillion balancing a 12 ft. long pipe, as the bike makes its way through the famous crosses and mains of Namma Bengaluru, the bike rider maneuvered the bike effortlessly, regardless of the vehicles ahead or following him.

The overflowing water tanks that supply water to all the water ridden parts of the city,
I am reminded of the Chinese tale, of the water carrier, with 2 pots, one with a hole, and the other the perfect pot. The one with a hole feels sorry that he doesn’t really serve the purpose of carrying water, to which the water carrier, shows him the plants that have grown all along the path, coz of the water falling from the pot. I guess all the water supply companies are inspired by this and are striving hard to make the garden city greener.

All the Olympic medal aspirants, who practice their skills while crossing the roads. It is not only the so called ‘fatafat generation’ but their predecessors as well, who participate in this.

With due respect, the ‘mamus’ at most of the one-ways or ‘no U turn’ points, who do not make any effort to stop anyone from doing the wrong, or point them to the less visible signs pronouncing the traffic rule , but wait for them to commit the sin, and then ask for monetary penance.

Pillion Mommas, who amuse their cranky kiddos, by making them stand on the running bikes, with support from the riding dada, the kid is free to do all the gimmicks that ‘Ajay Devgan’ has tried from ‘Phool aur Kaante’ days.

The driver of a nice big BST Bus, trying to take a U-Turn a always crowded road, blocking the traffic on either side of the road for a good 3 minutes.

the list is ever growing..please feel free to add your participants here...


  1. bet i know ...why u have so much grudge against the 'mamu's'... :)

  2. hehehhehee.... hilarious post prasi... i think we all relate to it :)

  3. jeev..its not a grudge for some personal reason..they are so always..

    :) tnx Pri

  4. Happen to drop by in the C Zone.. after real long... And I especially liked the wedding countdown counter.. Congratulations Prasita!!!!! ;-)

  5. hey prasi ....congratulations on ur wedding ...hope i wud be invited :)

  6. Thanks Nee! Hope to see you at the wedding

  7. Jeev..I will invite the PJ Committee for sure na...