Monday, July 20, 2009

the 'elitest' of them all...

I have come across a lot of people at work...but the bunch of our elite group at office...are much more than colleagues. We share a lot, not just our 8-7 routine at office. I am glad to be friends with such elite people.

Though we call ourselves elite...we are a bit towards the uncivilized side. All of 'elites' group do mean a bit extra to me, plus I have a special corner for some of them.

I have a special friend, who cares more about the rest of the world than herself. She will laugh the most when she is in utmost pain. I cannot call it a previlege, but having spent a lot of time with her, I have also seen the weaker side of her emotion. And for an emotional disaster that I am, I feel a total failure that I have hardly been able to comfort her. I am glad to see her happy now. I miss the times when we could do a lot of b**g about office together :) Now you know who I am talking about.

Then I have two more special people to talk about, One a cool guy and another a loving sister. The Cool guy is also a perfect gentleman that I have ever met. While sporting one of the AC/DC Teez..and a goatie..he never forgets to pray before eating food , offers a helping hand to an elderly gentleman who is waiting to cross the road, entertains us on all our trips with his melodies...a perfect combination of values and 'dudetude' own term to personify his coolness. The loving sister..ya she invites you home, so that you dont feel lonely on a festive day. She keeps giving you all that advice and tips...and is a perfect example of a person with a work-life balance. Best are the times when she keeps aside 'being the elder sister', and is upto mischief more than her own son's.

Then come the Tom and Jerry. Jerry is our 'Miss Attitute'...her designer jhola, and 'You shall go ..I shall come' never cease to entertain us. Leaving aside all the vanities, she is a jem of a person, strongest amonst all of us, a fighter to the core. I have learnt a lot from her. a sweet friend, with a I mean airport. That was a slip of tongue over lunch, and we still tease him with the same...He is a sport to all our mischief, and even did 'the dare' in the same spirit. He doesn't show off his knowledge at work, and has given a patient ear to all my stupid queries.

Well how can I forget our very own Pandit, to whom I still owe a silver cow. and thats what you have to pay for all your sins. His wit and humour, keep us roaring at the lunch table. No wonder colleagues from other teams feel we are the happiest team, very few know the actual secrets of us being happy at work!

If all of the people work were to be like this... I would not want to come back home at all.


  1. hey Prasita
    must say ..really well - written !:)not because we all feature in it ;)..because it feels very heart-felt ...thanks :)

  2. Thanks Sita..i thot this wud be a nice way to say thanks to all :)

  3. Dear C,

    I feel all warm and gooey after reading your post. Thanks. But I think you sort of overdid it with the AC/DC gentleman. After all, he is rather loud and obnoxious sometimes. :)


  4. no Furi...
    As I always say..and am sure my x-roomie wl assert ;) ...u r a true Gentelman

  5. All fine but I met this Pandit of yours..and he says its not silver should be a golden cow with silver tail ;)

  6. hey convey my thanks to the Pandit..coz i ws expecting a platinum this gustaakhi o' mine

  7. very very nicely written...!!!
    it was fun to read

  8. Haha! Reading this after all these years! Makes my hangover a lot better! :)