Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hogenekkal trip

This trip was not really well researched and well planned...

While mom dad were here this time, I decided to take them to Hogenekkal falls. Dad wasnt too happy with the idea of the trip. He doesnt really like to be seated idle for a long time.

We began on a good note...munching on my sandwiches..then it was already about 3 hours on the road, and we were not yet close to the spot. Finally we reached there only to be welcomed, by brignt sunlight, sultry weather, and flowing muddy waters...

Dad was annoyed, and even asked me...'Did we really have to come so far to see this?' :D We then realized that to see the actual falls, we had to go in a coracle..walk for a while and then take the coracle again...all in the hot sun..I did not have my umbrella, cap or sun screen to my rescue. All I had was a pair of sun glasses.
I was feeling dizzy and low on BP too :( We finally made to the spot, and the sight made up for all the minuses of the trip so far. It was amazing, I only wish we were go there when the weather were a little supportive. The coracle ride was interesting and adventurous too, coz on our way back, the person rowing the coracle, didnt really have to do anything, we were at the mercy of the water currants.

All in all, not one of my best outings, but I would want to go to this place again.

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