Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A step closer...few steps together

It was all over a phone call that our journey together took off. Its been a while, and my sincere thanks to Reliance Communication and their night talk time, that kept us going, almost zeroing the miles between us.

We only wished to be together and finally the day dawned, and we tied the knot on 17th August 2009. Here were two friends now husband and wife. Its different to be in love, and to live together. Its much more fun and adventure. Even though I have known him for so long, its a different jeev today.

So far it was only my dad, who was protective about me. While my dad was here, I was overjoyed to be protected by both of them :) It truly takes you to cloud 9.

We slowly started setting up our nest. He became an excellent salesman to sell me the idea of a Samsung LCD over a Sony Bravia. Then came the basic furniture, curtains and so on. I like glass.. his choice is wood, I like metal.. he still loves wood...I love bright curtains, he the sober ones..the list is long. As they say opposites attract.

The journey has just began, and as we cross every station together...a step closer...few steps together