Monday, February 22, 2010

My name is PRASITA and I am not a CRITIC

I am or rather was a huge Shahrukh Khan fan. Karan Johar movies with Shahrukh and Kajol were really the ones that entertained me. Though it was sugar candy most of the time, I never walked out of the theatre, till the last of the cast and crew rolled of the screen, until I saw MNIK.

I really loved the subject of the movie, not every Khan may be a terrorist. But I am a poor movie lover. I need to see good story telling thats all. I do not spend money and waste 3 hours of my time to see what happened in the US post 9/11 till Obama took over. The movie has been stretched beyond limits, even Hooks law will fail to justify its elasticity.

I really felt that Karan was soo bored shooting the whole movie, that he skipped editing it. The only good part of the whole 3 hours was to see Kajol being so natural on-screen, but for her loud make-up in certain scenes. The movie would have been perfectly fine without the Khan's brother. If Khan was so intelligent that he would "Almost repair anything" Karan could have got him the scholarship instead. And the sibling woes could have been removed from the movie. Funny hair Joel..if I remember his name right, and his Moma were part of a miracle...the hurricane being stopped by some hay...are you underestimating the hurricane or overestimating hay! Kindly explain.

After Khan is released from the prison, for having attempted to meet the president, and is now a household name in the whole of US, for saying "I am a Khan and I am not a terrorist", I was all set to leave as I thought the movie ends there..but no
his journey with a Samsonite Bag continues. The bestest part of this HINDI MOVIE was whenthe aide of Dr. Terrorist from Georgia hospital, stabs the Khan, just as Mandira is about to take him home....ooof kitna pakaoge Karan!

How I wish I had not seen it. I would have remained a Shahrukh fan perhaps. I would have wanted to see Shahrukh and Kajol in another movie of Karans. And how I wish TOI would rate movies better...***** for MNIK and much lesser for the Oscar Nominee Avataar?? Can you please elaborate on this TOI Critics/reviewers/fans whatever you call yourself?

I am Prasita and I am no Critic...but I had to vent out my frustration on this one!!

PS: I do not wish to hurt the sentiments of any of you who liked the movie, my only advice to Karan is to stick to the sugar candy genre.

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  1. A very good review. I have only loved one movie of S.R.Khan in my life - Swades! Probably, he didn't get any chance to overact in there! Thanks for saving my money Prasi!

    Hope all is well at your end!