Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who are you wearing tonight?

I read an article with the same title, in yesterdays TOI. I assumed, this was about wearing an Armani or a Versace for a party ...but no..this was an article dedicated to arm candy. Ya, that's what they call a beautiful woman, who accompanies a distinguished celebrity for a function or social gathering.

The feminist in me finds it difficult to find this in a leading daily, close to the heels of celebrating Women's Day. Now this makes me think more about the power of arm candy.

Well no doubt that KKR is doing better than the previous 2 seasons this year at IPL.
Does all the credit go their new brand ambassador? Bangalore's own playboy defies his age with the same formula as well. As also mentioned in the report, who would not want heads to turn when you walk into a party, the reason being your persona or the beauty next to you hardly matters.

Is the whole talk about female empowerment only limited to reservations and quotas? Is the women herself not responsible for this to an extent. Or do they feel proud to be flaunted by others? I had only heard of the Saas bahu stuff being refered to as Woman's biggest enemy is another woman. In this case I would say she is her own enemy.

I do not mean to insult any profession or celebrity here, I simply fail to understand what respecting a woman is all about, rather does it even exist?

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