Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Imagine a week of doing nothing, just eat and sleep...and relax... catch up on reading, watch a bit of tv..and to top it all you are with your parents..ya spending so much time with them is a luxury, if you are married and stay out of our home town for work...the only sad part of this holiday was that Jeev was not with me :(

I had the whole day to sleep, yet my body clock woke me up by max 7:30...this is early going by my standards here in bangalore :) I did not have to hurry for the shuttle...but relax with amma-made kaapi (coffee). Breakfast to dinner was all truly naadan (desi in malayalam). I enjoyed eating puttu, avial, ada, moru curry,murungya kaya sambar,(drumstick sambar) chakka(jackfruit), manga(mango)...Does this make you wonder if I was deprived of all of this for all the while...no not really, but if the food is cooked over an addupu (Chulha), and the fruits,vegetables come from the backyard...they have to taste divine.. I missed my sister the most while eating jackfruit, and gossiping with moma ;)

If I managed to get some time off eating, I could wander in the backyard, pluck mangoes, do a bit of gardening..play with the cats (Shankaran and Sundari)...evenings were even better, seeing the rain as you sip hot tea. I even managed to get wet a little...and Amma fussed over me like a baby. I was her papa again, and achan too pampered his paputty to the core.

The only reason why I wanted to come back was you Jeev! How I wish we could have spent this time together...


  1. Happens sis... We always want our loved ones to be together..
    but no worries.. i just pray tat u ,valiamma,valiachan,rajeev get to spend some nice quality time together sooon...

  2. hey thanks for dat Sindu :)