Thursday, June 03, 2010 annoying!!

Honkeria: a disease very common in Bangalore, they are spotted at most of the traffic signals especially when the signal is RED.
Biggest of all on my list of annoying things as of now are the honking drivers at traffic signals. I guess they just love to add to the chaos at the signals. When I see a red signal, what is the reason behind continuous honking? I sometimes feel the one who honks tries to provoke the one ahead of him to jump the signal…might be a close relative of the mamu at that signal…who gets to fine this signal jumper 

“I will call my Lift” syndrome: I come to work as many of by other colleagues do by 8, by taking the company shuttle. Now this also means that most of the days I wait for the lift with some colleagues. One thing that I have always noticed, if I am the first to reach the lift lobby and have pressed for the lift to come down, the person who comes next seems to have a prestige issue in taking the same lift as me, and rushes to press the other lift. It is as if to tell me, “Sorry, I won’t travel in the cab booked by you?” I have not been able to reason this behaviour till date. I am partially relieved to know that this happens with others as well  . It is further more annoying, to see the lift doors open at floors 4,3,2,1 with no one at those floors as I rush down from 5th floor in the evening, to take my evening shuttle. This too is the result of the same behaviour.

I leave it open to all of you to add urs...

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