Thursday, June 10, 2010

...little drops of joy..

remember the coke ad..little drops of joy!

Its actually those little things that make you smile and feel happy. When I came to Bangalore, I was miles away from home, and would mostly miss my parents. I started finding joy in the smallest of things. Seeing a butterfly inside office campus made me happy. I have learnt a big lesson this of now I can think of so many small things that have made a big difference and made me happy.

I have taken an interest in cooking, only coz Jeev is a foodie, and its hard to get a compliment from him. The days when he says the food is good, I am on Cloud 9. As I go to work listening to Prithvi on Radio One, if he happens to play one of my favourite day is made. While doing a routine tidying of my wardrobe, if I come across some money that I had long forgotten...I feel I have won a lottery. My joy knew no bounds, when I casually remarked I feel like having ice-cream while we were at Jeev's house, and Jeev's dad went ahead to order ice-cream for me :). I am crazy about mangoes and about mom's cofee too, and dad would bring this for me when he would come to meet me at Pune..all the way from Ambernath...this brings tears of joy to my thoughtful of them to do all this for me.

This list is really big...

The first showers, the sound of koel, the huge trees on airport road, seeing an aircraft take off at the hal airport on my way to work, passing by Maratahalli bridge without having to wait for a signal,seeing the weighing machine show a sign of improvement...woow it makes me happy to recollect all these happy moments as well...

Another funda I like to share, when you are in the most horrible mood, recall one of your most happy moments. Nothing can pep your soul any better.

I hope someone is reading and this makes her mood better.


  1. Very true. Its all in the mind.
    We don't have to wait for big things to happen in life to bring that smile. In fact, it is such small thing that keeps one more happy.

  2. Thanks Shobha...this will keep me happy for the day :)

  3. My life has no reason, no aim ,no direction, no sense, and yet I'm happy. I can't figure it out. What is that I am doing right!

  4. Thats even reasons will thus be happy forever.. :D

  5. Hi Prasita.. :) Nice blog..There are little things in life that can make one happy. Living/reliving those moments can bring joy to all of us.
    I was in this terrible phase when I was away from my family, work was EXTREMELY strenous with zero appreciation and I was overall going thru a bad phase. That was when I wrote this: It is on the similar lines as your entry. :)
    Keep writing!

  6. totally agreed sis.. by the way i have got a similar concept to share with from my one of my fav harry potter series...

    Dementore.. these are the monsters tat suck all the happiness out of you and leave you with all the sadness and bad things within you ...!!

    But the only way to flee away these demontors and finish them is to caste the spell thinking about all the good and happy moments that could bring a smile on one's face...

    Similarly whenever we are gathered by these dementors which in our case would be stress,tensions.. sadness .. anger and all such evil things..if we are able to smile,it simply means we succesffuly fleed our dementor with our spell and happy moments...

  7. Thanks Namrata..I liked ur blog a lot too :)

    Thanks comparing this to ur most beloved HP an honour fr me :D