Monday, September 27, 2010

Hot and Humid Hogenekkal!

My parents were visiting us, and we decided to go to Hogenekkal for a short trip. We booked easy cabs vehicle, the drive was super boring, it took us about 4 hours to reach there.

The first sight was not really appealing. Dad went ahead and commented, if we were to see this muddy water while walking under the scorching sun, we would rather not hire a cab and travel this far. I was dissapointed. This was the first trip that I planned for and wasnt working as planned. The time we went was not really the best time to visit Hogenekkal.

We spoke to one of the coracle riders, and got a deal for Rs 400 to go see the falls and get back. This was inclusive of a bit of walking along the river side. As we were about to get into the funny round thing, I could hear a policeman calling out to people who were playing in the river. He was saying, all the rain from the previous days had raised the water levels, and that it was no longer safe in there. I almost went pale, looked at Jeev and told him, lets not go. Am not sure how convinced he was of the safety, he pointed me to others who were going in coracles as well, and told me only swimming was risky.

We started our ride,the sight was nice, but the sun was irritating. We soon reached a point from where you would have to walk for a while and then take the coracle again to reach the falls. So far it was only the sun, coracle gives u the "Chinna Chinna Asai ..." feel though. Jeev was tempted to eat fried fish that they were selling close to the river banks.
After all the sun and exhausting walk, the sight of the falls was simply superb. It was soo refreshing for me to stop admiring it. I sat on a rock, my feet being massaged by the water currents. It was such a relazed feeling. On our way back the water levels had risen further, though there were no rains out there, the water currents were strong enough to sway the coracle away from its riders control. I left it on God, to bring us back to the shore.

Fresh fish served at a restaurant near by was yummy!!!
I wish to go back again but when its not so sunny for sure.

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