Saturday, September 04, 2010

Rajdhaani...get ready for a flavour riot

Have you been here yet..if not its like going to a wedding. The food here is Gujarati/Rajasthani...pooris fried in ghee, loads of sabzis, 3 kinds of daal, khichudi with loads of ghee and the sweets in ghee again. For a ghee freak like me this is the place to be.

The service is exemplary. With loads of people pouring in over the weekend, the service remains at its best. I always feel like a wedding coz they keep getting back asking if we need anything more, another roti..some more sabzi..daal and so on..I am always sad that i did not eat enough ;)

This remains at an all time high on my list of favourite eat-outs here in bangalore.

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