Sunday, August 29, 2010

Peepli Live

Natha the farmer wanting to commit suicide to get the compensation money of 1 lac, to save his family. This is the essence of the movie "Peepli live". Media and its interest in the TRP alone, has been depicted very well. The ineffectiveness of the policies of the government are portrayed with satire. When Natha is given a "Lal Bahadur" ...the hand pump, he does not know what is to be done with it as there is no money given to install it.

The ignorance of the so-called leaders is seen in the act of given his family a color television, when he doesnt have enough to eat. The song "Mehangai dayan khaye jaat hai" too seems to come alive with the rising price of onion :)

Kudos to the film crew!!!

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