Monday, August 23, 2010

Vythiri Resorts..Wayanad

We saw this on the travel channel and the plan was made for our first anniversary...and the place did not dissappoint us one bit. A resort tucked in the forest...with the stream flowing right under the room , and crickets for background score.

The whole resort is designed around this flowing stream, with rooms designed such that the balcony opens out into the jungle with the stream seperating the two. The rooms are built to match the traditional standards of a kerala home, complete with tiled roof and the small porch. Wooden furniture too seems to be from the era of the Royal family.

The same stream separtes the restaurant from the rooms and to cross it is a nice hanging bridge. All in all a jungle experience. The stay often includes an ayurvedic massage and a trek to the nearby cofee plantations. The trek was amazing, we saw the fresh cofee beans ready for harvest, the silver oak to provide shade and a whole strech of green mountains. Our visit was during the monsoon and the view of the western ghats was breath-taking.

The service was beyond doubt the best we have seen. The staff is empowered to take on the spot decision to provide the guests a hassle free stay. I am waiting to go back to Vythiri...

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