Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Motivation is an outcome of frustration…

Motivation is an outcome of frustration…do these words strike a chord with you? Unless you are frustrated about a pressing issue, and really wish to solve this,you would not be motivated enough to come with a promising solution.

Dr. Harish Hande, the founder of Selco, was here to share his experience with us. These were few of his statements, that left most of us in the audience thinking even after the sound of the claps subsided after his session.

Selco India is a social enterprise that provides sustainable energy solutions and services to under-served households and businesses. Their products have helped solve the problems of flower pickers of Ahmadabad, to the silk worm farmers.

Dr. Hande’s passionate approach is truly amazing. He drives inspiration out of real life problems faced by people who fall in the lowest strata of our economic society. Example: A vegetable vendor can borrow 1000 Rs, at the start of the day at an interest rate of 10%, pay 50 Rs as rent for the cart and 15 Rs for the light, have dynamic pricing throughout the day, and yet survive. Yes, here it’s a matter of survival rather than earning
profits. Dr. Hande works not for charity but to enable such daily decision makers in their business.

Their service policy, is to provide service within 24 hours. He recalls one such incident,where the customer called to thank him for the service done within 24 hours. The machine stopped functioning around Wednesday evening, a complaint was registered Thursday morning,and as per their SLA, it was serviced by Friday morning, but the customer being dependent on
the machine for her daily wages, her kids had to stay hungry for a day. If I can quote Dr. Harish, people donate computers to village schools, without checking if they have electricity.

All in all a punch packed speech that left most of us speechless.

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