Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Vailankanni road trip...

I call it road trip as we spent more than 24 hours on the road, and about 17 hours at the destination.
Bad vehicle and irritating driver were the start points of this trip. Broken taillight, dirty seats and horrible condition were the highlights of this cab that we had hired.

We started from Bangalore at 6:30 am on 27th November 2010. The wait just before Hosur, to get the paper work done, itselt took more than 30 mins. We were having breakfast close to Krishnagiri at around 10:30. From Krishnagiri to drive straight to Salem, Namakkal, Trichy, Tanjavur and finally on the way to Nagapattanam you would take a diversion to go to Vailankanni. The whole onward journey took us about 13.5 hours, yes we reached our hotel in Vailankanni past 7:45 pm.

A tiring journey, I would advise you to take a sleeper or train or at least a vehicle that can go beyond 120 km/hr if you plan this trip from Bangalore. We stayed at VPN residency, it was a good hotel, the only saving grace for the days travel.

I wanted to go and see the sun rise, as I have never been to a beach on the east coast. I woke up only after 6 am to see the sun shining at me :) (which I did not regret after seeing the beach). We had breakfast, and went to the Shrine of Basilica". The church was grand, and the shrine well maintained. It was not crowded, so we spent some good time within the church premises. After this we went to "Our Lady's Tank", I must admit I could not see anything from the small holes. Some said it was water, others said they saw a cross. I failed to see either.

We marched to the beach. My cousins and Jeev were excited about having fried fish there. The way to the beach is extremely crowded, with a lot of shops. I was still expecting to play on the beach. Just before you hit the sand, you get to see a lot of tiny shops displaying raw fish, marinated with spice and ready to be fried. The surrounding did not make it attractive though. The beach I must say is not the cleanest one I have seen. There was garbage everywhere. I could not stand the stink of all of it put together with the smell of raw fish. Nausea made me run back to the shops, to avoid the sick feeling.

On our way back we had some fun in the vehicle. Our driver uncle reached a record 90 km/hr speed and we rejoiced. Jeev was renamed Raj by my cousin's son (nicknamed Koutons). The memory of this trip would be incomplete if I dont quote few of our talks here. Koutons says "This man wont allow me to yawn properly" after our driver uncle jams breakes at the last min for the umpteenth time. We had some song and dance in the vehicle as well :). Apart from the church and the fun we had on the way back, the trip was not one of my great outings.

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