Friday, December 10, 2010

Majestic Mysore!

Jeev's parents were here, and we planned this trip to Mysore. The November weather was just right for the trip. We started at around 7, stopped at Kamat's for breakfast. I can't stop admiring this place, amidst all the crowd and chaos, your order reaches your table on time, in good quality.

We went to the Mysore Palace. I have been here twice before, its grandeur leaves me awestruck. We were inside the palace, admiring the murals, the ceiling, glass paintings, pillars, the doors the furniture...and what not. Its nice to see that the place is well maintained.

The next halt was the Mysore zoo. It sprawls across 6.2 acres of land. The first animals to welcome you are the silently meditating giraffes. I craned my neck to get a good view like a 6 year old. The variety of birds was an interesting watch as well. We spent nearly 2 hours seeing the white peacock, white tiger, snakes, crocodiles, hippopotamus and so on. Most of the animals looked healthy too. The sponsorship of animals is a great idea, but having the board right in front of the cage is an annoyance as is the cage itself.

We went ahead for lunch, and then came an interesting visit. This was to a handicrafts emporium run by the government of Karnataka. The huge Ganesha Idol at the entrance, was priced at around 3 lacs. We saw a dining table worth 2 lacs. We were curious to know why the table was so expensive. We were also allowed into their workshop upstairs, the speciality of the table was again the pattern carved on it. Each of the colours used were from a different kind of wood. The detailing of the art left me speechless. Most of this finds value abroad.

This majestic trip thus concluded...

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