Sunday, April 10, 2011


I can never judge when to start from home to reach any place in Bangalore city, if I am going by rick, all thanks to the rising number of vehicles in this garden city and the ricksha-walas of the world who never seem to like the place where I wish to go. That day I started from home at 6:30 to reach Infantry Roan in time for my Visa appointment at 8. Guess what, my 4th attempt for the rick worked for me, and I managed to reach the Visa office at 7:00.
Now that I have an hour to go, I sit gazing at the pigeons enjoying the morning sun. I spotted this naughty pigeon...guess a he trying to woo a pigeon..I like to believe this was a she :) Soon enough there was a perfect filmy triange...and I could imagine the 3 dancing to "Mujhse shaadi karogi.."...blame it on my joblessness at that hour of the day, my thoughts had no breaks :) I even felt their walk was so well synchronized that even Saroj Khan would have been inspired by them.
Some words of Dr. Phatak crossed my mind, about nature being the greatest engineer. Have you imagined the power required if a pump were to pull water to the height of a coconut tree...nature does it effortlessly, we call it capillary action.
I see a convention centre from the window, and this takes me to Kiran's wedding. I know our gang would have had a great time there...I missed it guys.
Its time for my appointment and a much needed break to my random thoughts...

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