Saturday, April 16, 2011

Volvo ride....

Time and again my lethargy overpowers me to miss the morning shuttle and get some extra sleep for 60 more minutes. This leaves me with no option but to take the Volvo from HAL rather than waiting for the late morning shuttle which is only at 10:30. If I reach HAL before 9, I am usually lucky to skip a few buses and take the next less crowded bus.

Most of us from IT make full use of this service. We also make a few assumptions one being, my laptop bag is a new part of my body. I am sorry to say most of us move into a crowded bus, right through the fellow passengers without realizing the damage this new body part does to others. Can we please have the courtesy of taking the bag off the shoulder just to avoid dashing others with it?
Next observation is applicable to both IT and non-IT population alike. "I can’t live without my phone". Even as we board and alight from the bus we show no hurry in finishing the call and caring about our own safety. Well this is just limited to one’s own safety. The other day I saw a lady speaking her way to glory on her mobile and standing right near the front door, when the bus was not full with ample standing space. The driver’s view of the mirror was blocked thanks to this mobile speaker, who did not pay heed to anything that the driver said. Finally she was too irritated and asked the driver “aapko koi problem hai?”

One day the Volvo had a breakdown close to Marathahalli. The conductor was really helpful and told us that we could use the same ticket in the next bus, he stopped a bus for us and made sure we were not charged again. The same day the new bus conductor stopped way before SAP, and when I asked him if the bus wouldn’t stop ahead, he asked me if I wanted a drop inside office...both sides of BMTC staff on the same day.

Yet another day I got into the Volvo, without having the exact fare in hand. I usually bully Jeev into giving me 30 bucks change for the Volvo or the closest denomination 50. This conductor was really rude and asked me to get off the bus at the next stop if I don’t have the change. I said ok and started to dig my wallet for all the coins that I had. I managed to mine 26 Rs from my wallet and showed the whole bunch of coins to the conductor saying I am short of 4 Rs. I am not sure if he was assured that I really don’t have change or just had a mood swing, he agreed to accept the 500 Rupee note instead.

Most of my experiences have been good though, and I appreciate the courtesy shown by the staff especially to people who don’t speak the local language. And now that I know tit-bits of Kannada..even an “eshtu” and “next stop AECS aaa” does help…and so did “Same ticket use madakke agutha?” the day the bus had a breakdown. And am sure what we give is what we get back, let us be polite to them. After all they are providng us with a great service... 

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